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Idols’ original stage names evoke laughter amongst netizens - Bonus Videos - How to pronounce idol names

The original stage names of some of today’s top stars have once again been revealed, drawing interest from netizens everywhere.
A post was recently shared on an online community board with the title, ‘Idols’ original stage names‘, giving a list of names that were being considered for some of today’s top idol stars.
Super Junior‘s Leeteuk was close to becoming ‘Kang Soo‘, as it is close to his birth name, Park Jungsoo. Fellow member Shindong almost became ‘Udon’, while Kangin could have been ‘Woongdam (gallbladder of a bear…)’, and Kyuhyun ‘Gwee-Hyun (distinguished person)’.
TVXQ was considered to be named ‘Oh Jak Yook Boo (Internal Organs)’, while Big Bang almost was named ‘Diamond’. T.O.P was originally going to be named ‘Mark’, Daesung ‘Big Castle’, Seungri ‘Sonic’, and Taeyang ‘Taekwon’.
Wonder Girls were almost named ‘LC (Ladies Club)’- Sunye was going to be ‘Sunny’, Sohee ‘IC’, Yenny ‘Silver’, Sunny ‘Berry’, and now 4minute member HyunA who used to promote with Wonder Girls was going to be ‘Mint’. The girls even had a song they recorded under these names, but the name of a popular documentary they filmed before their debut was titled ‘Wonder Girls’, and they went with that name.
Shinhwa member Jun Jin was going to be ‘Lee Gi Go (which translates to ‘Winning’ in Korean)’, and Minwoo was going to be either ‘Parang (Blue)’ or ‘Taeyang’.
Netizens who came across the information exploded into laughs as they wrote, “IC is truly hilarious“, “I heard Diamond was G-Dragon‘s idea“, and more.
Source & Image: StarToday via Nate

So funny!
A few of these I've heard before but this is a really good list!
Who's YOUR favorite?
Funniest has to be Shindong...Udon??? >.<
and TOP....Mark??? really?

Speaking of idol names...
Bonus Videos: How to pronounce all your fav kpop idol names and groups!
how to pronounce k-pop names -- dbsk, suju, beast, 2pm, mblaq, infinite, etc.

Uploaded by on May 4, 2011
PART 1. for international k-pop fans who need help pronouncing k-pop idols' names.
DBSK / SS501 / Super Junior / 2PM / Jay Park / 2AM / BEAST / MBLAQ / Infinite / U-KISS
how to pronounce k-pop names 2 -- shinee, ft island, cn blue, etc

Uploaded by on May 7, 2011
PART 2. For international fans who need help pronouncing idols' names.
SHINee / CN Blue / F.T Island / Teen Top / ZE:A

how to pronounce k-pop names, girl groups - 2ne1, kara, wonder girls, snsd, f(x),4minute, 

Uploaded by on Jun 1, 2011
PART 3. For international fans who need help pronouncing idols' names.
2NE1 / 4minute / SNSD / Secret / Kara / Sistar / T-ara / f(x) / Miss A / Girl's Day / Wonder Girls

BONUS Bonus Video
how to pronounce korean actors' names: wonbin, hyunbin, so jisub, song joongki

Uploaded by on Aug 3, 2011
For international fans who need help pronouncing their favorite Korean actors' names.
Fun right?
How many have you been pronouncing weirdly?

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