Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have A SHINee 4th! Here's Your Holiday Hook-UP! - SHINee in Japan - SHINee Channel with Hande Yashiki Subbed

Happy Independence Day!
Okies babies, its been a while since I brought you a Holiday Hook-UP!
This was a live stream from Japan with Hande Yashiki as MC
Don't miss appa Jonghyun slapping Taemin...okay pretty much slapping
everyone and Taemin drawing a picture of Key with morning stubble o.O
Somehow morning stubble and Diva Key don't quite compute >.<
[ENG] 120511 SHINee Live Chat 1/5

[ENG] 120511 SHINee Live Chat 2/5

[ENG] 120511 SHINee Live Chat 3/5

[ENG] 120511 SHINee Live Chat 4/5

[ENG] 120511 SHINee Live Chat 5/5

Published on Jun 29, 2012 by
please DO NOT reupload || translation by mikimika101 || subbed by SHINeeTimes

Enjoy a lot!
I will be away most of the day at a party at my sisters home
and then going to visit The Rayne Stohrm this evening.
Have a very happy and safe holiday!
Stormy ^.~

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