Sunday, July 1, 2012

SHINee Sunday SPAM! 120701 - Hiroshima Day 2 - SPAM-A-PIC Plus Video - Bonus Video - HOT Taemin! PLUS Secret Key Video!

Here we GO!
 2MIN! Jjong bit Tae so Tae shows Minho the teeth marks

 TOO cute!!!! ^^

 Aishhhh Taemin >.<

 Minho just gets nakies ^^
Oh you lovable dorks >.<
120701arena last_stand by me(soul.ver)

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Excited and wet SHINee!!!
I know I know....I have no shame!
I regret NOTHING!!!!
120701 water war minho & SHINee

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Here's your Bonus Video
Hot Taemin!

120629 인천공항 출국/ 태민 직캠 ㅍ_ㅍ

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오우.. 민소매 ^^b
Secret Key Video:
Full audio of Key's Hair + Judas solo
brb being hysterical right now T_T
[AUDIO] SHINee's Key (키) - Hair + Judas (SOLO)

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Enjoy your Shinee Sunday Spam babies!

120630~120701 Arena Tour in Hiroshima Hair & Judas "key" (

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