Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beautiful Boys - Infinite's Sungjong - B.A.P's Zelo

Okies so I'm just indulging myself here....but maybe you love these pretty boys too!
Sungjong at the recent Idol Athletic Championship 120710

Video: Sungjong in 1080 baby! ^^
[120710] 아이돌 스타 올림픽 - 귀요미성종이 ♡

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I laugh every time Sungjong punches a plushie ^^
(eng) 120711 Weekly idol - influential Maknae Sungjong(3)

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I can't even with this baby.......
Jello's selca 120712

We really do tend to forget he is still a baby,
here he fell asleep while filming the 'Power' music video.
[ENG] B.A.P Power MV Making Take 2

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Slap those butts!!! Okies I might need help here  >.>
[ENG] B.A.P. Diary episode 1

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Video Clip by BAPTadah
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I regret NOTHING!!!!
Okies Done ^.~

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