Sunday, July 8, 2012

NU'EST has a Movie Date with fans! 120708

NU’EST, who’s being noticed as one of 2012′s best rookie groups, recently concluded a successful ‘movie event’ with fans living outside of Seoul on July 7th.
Receiving much attention for their hot debut album ‘FACE‘ and their unique marketing strategies, the group held an event entitled ‘Movie Date with NU’EST‘ prior to their comeback. Making stops in Busan, Kangwon-do, and Gangneung, the boys greeted fans living in the suburbs and raised their anticipation for their upcoming mini-album.
Pledis Entertainment stated, “In order to make memories with the fans living outside of Seoul before indulging in their comeback activities, the members decided to hold this event. Through this project, the boys shook hands with fans, introduced the tracks on the upcoming album, and even performed the tracks live in order to return the love and support fans have given. NU’EST will continue to hold these sort of events every season as their official fanclub event.”
Upon hearing the news, netizens commented, “What a new and unique fan service“, “I also want to watch a movie with NU’EST“, “Fans living in the suburbs are so lucky. Please come to my region!“, and more.
NU’EST will be releasing their 1st mini-album ‘Action‘ on July 11th.

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