Monday, July 2, 2012

AA aka Double A teasing us about a comeback???

Let this be true.........Oh God PLEASE let this be true....
Aoora's been active of late YAY!
And many fans are hoping, no.....begging that this means a comeback soon.
Recent activities include the above notice and a new AA Twitter account!

And last week this pic!
He's blonde again! 
Can a comeback concept be far behind???

AA grew a huge fanbase pretty quickly
(though I kinda disliked being called a Battery >.> )
for being unique in the kpop world with exotic looks
and distinctive dance moves choreographed by leader Woosang,
who has also done choreography for Super Junior.
Need a reminder? No problem ^.~

AA(더블에이) _ So crazy(미쳐서 그래) MV

Uploaded by on Nov 9, 2011

Need a few more reminders why we want them back so bad?

Come back soon babies....we need you 

AA aka Double A #Who Am I Missing Tuesday

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