Monday, July 9, 2012

Kim Heechul closes his Twitter.......120709

I am so mad right now....I can't even....

Super Juniors Kim Heechul recently closed his @Heedictator Twitter account, but posted one last tweet to share his thoughts after appearing to have had an experience with some sasaeng fans.
On July 9th (KST), Heechul wrote:
Please do not follow me to my house or to my ward office. I thought that I became a bit more good-hearted now that I’m 30, but I guess that’s just not for me. I still feel the after effects of my accident, and it’s frightening to put my life on the line and drive away as if I’m running from something. I know this sounds arrogant, and I know people may be disappointed, but I only have one life to live. It’s my fault for being unable to be more understanding. And to all you [taxi drivers], please don’t rip off foreign fans who don’t know any better. Taking advantage of young kids with smiles on your faces make you guys look like thugs. In closing, I just hope that victims like this will not arise again. I will live quietly for the next year, without tweeting anything. I will see everyone in a year. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.
His last post left many fans concerned and upset that a communication passageway had been closed. What are your thoughts on his last tweet?
Source: @Heedictator

I was all ready to get out my 'soap box' but ya know?
I'm too tired.....and no one will listen anyway.

Crawls off to my emo corner for a good weeping session.......

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