Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EXO K & M celebrate 100 Days!

120716 100th day celebration messages

[FROM EXO-K] 120716 - EXO-K : To the fans who have been with us for 100 days

Suho : Hello. This is leader Suho who is in charge of guarding everyone in EXO-K. First of all I want to thank the fans who have been loving EXO for 100 days. The 100 day celebration party with the fans today was really short but since we were able to feel the love our fans’ have had for us during these 100 days, I was really happy. May the fans and EXO keep on going together and loving each other like during these 100 days for 100 years.

Baekhyun : Hello. This is Baekhyun ! Today is EXO’s 100th day. I want to thank all the fans who came to the 100 day party and all the fans who have been with us during these 100 days and to the fans who wanted to come but who couldn’t, you guys are of course a part of our family! I love you and I am really thankful. We’ll become an even cooler, more humble and developed EXO so please love us a lot.

Chanyeol : Hello !! This is EXO-K’s Happy Virus Chanyeol ! Thank you so much for having loved us for 10 days. Let’s be together without any change not for 100 more days but for 100 more years^^

D.O. : Hello. This is EXO-K’s D.O. It has already been 100 days since we debuted. I want to thank all the fans for congratulating and loving us. Moreover, it is currently the rainy season. The temperature difference is severe so be careful. I love you.

Kai : Hello. This is Kai. Woah~ It is already the 100th day. Time goes by really fast right? In EXO’s history, 100 days is a short period of time but it didn’t feel like these 100 days were short. The memories that made us happy during these 100 days will remain as happy memories not for 10 but 10 000 years. I love you. ^^

Sehun : Everyone… it is the 100th day… I really want to thank you for having loved us until now!! I really and truly love you. Let’s go together without any change until the end^^

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

please take out with full credits.
[FROM EXO-M] 120716 - EXO-M to the fans, whom we have spent 100 days with

KRIS: I’m happy that you’re always by my side. I really like you guys a lot.

XIUMIN: Hello! It’s Xiumin of EXO. It’s already been 100 days since our debut?!
That means it’s been 100 days since we’ve loved each other!! (embarrassed, embarrassed) Thank you so, so much for always being by our side, supporting us, and loving us~^^ (heart) Since from now on, we’ll be working even harder, please watch us when we reach our 1000th day, our 10000th day, and for as long as we live!! I love you. Wo ai ni (heart)
-Baozi Xiumin-

LUHAN: We’ve reached our 100th day of debut so fast, time really does go by fast ah! ^^ haha within these 100 days, I’m really touched by the support everyone has given EXO-M, without your support, we wouldn’t have this much motivation. I hope that in the days ahead, everyone will continue to support us, and we will also work even harder to present the best image for everyone to see!
I love you all! (Heart) keke

LAY: It’s been 100 days since debut, I am extremely touched by all of the warm help and support you have given us since. It is thanks to all of you, that we are able to have such an extraordinary 100 days celebration. In my heart, you guys will always be the best. Knowing that I have you guys makes me feel very at ease. For all of you, I will always put out my fullest effort.

CHEN: Hello, it’s Chen of EXO-M. It’s already been! 100 days since we’ve debuted.
Thanks to the many of our fans for congratulating us and I’ll become a harder working Chen. The fans and EXO are one! We are one (heart) I love you guys and thank you again for congratulating us on our 100th day. (heart)

TAO: Hello everybody, I am a member of EXO, Tao. In the blink of an eye, it has already been 100 days, you guys also feel as though time has passed as quickly as flowing water, right? In these 100 days, the sweat I’ve put forth, the tears I’ve cried, to me, all of that has been worth it. On stage, we have your cheers, and off stage, we have your support and encouragement, in our hearts, EXO’s fans will forever be the best, I hope that when I appear in front of you all, I can bring you happiness, really, thanks to all of the fans and friends out there for your care and encouragement, my existence, is not just for these past 100 days, but for the days in the future that I will spend with all of you, you all love me and I am the romantic panda who loves you too.

source: exo-m’s official site
translation cr; angi + xuan + sarah @ exom-trans

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