Sunday, July 29, 2012

NU'EST Fansign Video Subbed from 120720

Special treat for you today friends and fans!
NU'EST fan Kat recorded her time with the boys for an up close and personal look
at what its like to attend one of their fansign events.
Sorry for the late posting but it took a few days for me to get permission from Kat to post her video, but, its such a great video! Well worth the wait! bias wrecker! >.>

NU'EST fansign event [120720] ver2

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SHOULD BE VIEWABLE IN KOREA. my first upload uses Nu'est's song "Not Over You" and Loent is being rude and won't let me use it. so this one has Seo In Guk's "Time Machine" in the credits, which should be okay. Also, that song is one of my favorite things. :D

Nu'est's first fansign for their "Action" Promotion cycle! Hosted by the Synnara Records store in Gangnam, it was a lottery with 150 spots, and every album you bought counted as a "ticket". I bought one album and got in, happily. Anyway, I've been their fan since they debuted and I went to a lot of their promotions for "Face" so it was fun to see them again. My korean is not very good, but i made subtitles to the best of my ability and you are extremely welcome to correct me if I'm wrong about what they said, because believe me! I'd like to know.

Because Nu'est was at Music Bank that day (friday), they were an hour late to get to the event (all the way in Irwon, on the opposite side of the city), which meant they had to love the fans through the line pretty quickly, so sorry nothing super interesting happens. While we were waiting, the fan manager called nu'est's van and we got to talk to JR (which i mentioned to him later on). Unfortunately no fans were actually at music bank because we didn't get any tickets this week, which apparently the group didn't know... Aron at least seemed concerned, so overall wasn't the best day, but they were cute and possibly remembered seeing me before IDK.

will add shelbi's video of her signing from sunday here when i get the link

Many thanks to Kat for letting me share this video,
I'm still grinning like crazy!

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