Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SHINee Taemin Birthday 120718 - Here come the Fan-accounts!

 Why celebrate Onews hair cut?

' Onew said he wanted to try Yesunim(Jesus) hair. Then Jonghyun said "Jejus hair~" '

'About a bad point of minho taemin hated the most - always exaggerating the good things he did. Minho not there, but they talked about him in the 2nd haft of the party, saying things related to him like foreigner, alien.. cr:小智MAX '

'When asked which song taemin listen to recently, he said is busker busker's if you really love me.. and sang a small part too.. cr:小智MAX'

'Key said about taemin's sad and funny story. Taemin always wear the shoes for performance.. Jjong then asked whether taemin was wearing the performance shoes today.. taemin said "no! these are mine~ no? actually I don't know whose shoes are these...." Jjong then looked carefully at taemin shoes and said "ah!! these are my shoes!!" taemin "no wonder the shoes are a bit big in size" Jjong "those are mine! of course they are big!" cr: 小智MAX'

'Key gave a pair of pretty shoes to Taemin as present cr:跟機人生_小佳 | yenn_yy'

'Onew 1st impression on minho : Alien cr:小智MAX | yenn_yy'

'Onew says he gets drunk from half a can of beer. cr. hanatwothree_'

'Onew asked Taemin what he wants for his birthday. Taemin responded, "So I got my driver's license.... :))))))))" cr. hanatwothree_'

'Key took a Polaroid and gave to a female student. She was trembling when she went up the stage. Taem did a lion roar and the girl cried.'

'Key said Taemin always dance twinkle before he sleep cr:Taeminyoyo | yenn_yy'

'SHINee on their most embarrassing moments: Taemin was going to say Jong’s but Jong asked if Taemin is crazy & covered his mouth.'

'Jonghyun said he wanna reveal one of taemin's secret but then taemin cover jjong's mouth immidiately.'

'Jonghyun said he tells adult jokes a lot………………'

'About the solo stage of SWC II, some members will have the same solo song as JAT and some members will have new songs cr:小智MAX'

'2 of their japanese song will be sang in korean version cr:小智MAX'

Because key like the beer at the airport lounge, he drank with his friend at 5am for the 1st time, then he drank the 2nd time, after that he continue drinking on the plane.. as a result he was too high till keep on waving to the fans at the airport..

Jjong doesn’t drink beer..

Jjong like to drink PEACH CRUSH cocktail

Jjong said he will keep an eye to check whether anyone is recording the audio of the party..

'Jonghyun said that since taemin is now an ADULT so he decided to give him something "special"'

'Taemin sang a small part of Honesty at the end of the bday party'

 Jonghyun outside after the party
Meanwhile back on location Minho........

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