Sunday, July 29, 2012

NU'EST K Dream Live Concert - SPAM-A-PIC 120729

First pics are in!
At the ‘K-Dream Live‘ concert which opened at the Tokyo Dome on the 29th, the up-and-coming artists NU’EST lit up the stage with their opening act.
Although it was the rookie group’s first ever performance in Japan, NU’EST showcased a flawless, charismatic performance and received much loud cheering and applause from the audience. They successfully executed their concept of ‘representatives of teens’, as reported to allkpop by PLEDIS Entertainment.
Because the ‘K-Dream Live’ concert included appearances from a variety of idol groups including, ‘Supernova‘, ‘MyName‘, and ‘INFINITE‘, NU’EST is said to have prepared even more diligently to showcase an excellent opening performance.
Netizens who came across the news expressed anticipation for the rookie idol group saying, “They must’ve been nervous because of the grand scale of the stage, but that’s great“, “Now they’ll have Japanese fans too“, “I hope they succeed not only in Korea, but also in Japan“, “I’m excited for their future“, and more.
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