Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AA aka Double A #Who Am I Missing Tuesday

Ahhh so many comebacks, but who am I missing today?
These sexy babies ^^
From Woosang's sexy stances
Aoora's exotic looks
to that cute little side dish Kimchi
AND that lovely song 'Crazy' including the now infamous bodywaves
AA - Because I'm Crazy MV [eng sub + romanization + hangul]

Uploaded by on Nov 9, 2011
There were rumors of a February comeback,
but instead we got a '100 Day Anniversary' video from Aoora
AA(Double A) - Call M/V : Debut 100 Days Anniversary Made & Directed by AoorA

Uploaded by on Feb 10, 2012
AA(Double A)'s "Call" Music Video
- Debut 100 Days Anniversary
Music Remix and
Video Made & Directed by AoorA
I know Aoora's been busy producing as he tweets about it from time to time...
Ahhh these babies...

Like...Comeback soon babies...I'm missing you today

AA(Double A) Intro Choreography Video

Uploaded by on Dec 5, 2011
AA(Double A)'s 1st Digital Single's Intro Choreography.

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