Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is JYP trying to seduce Kim Heechul? Just sayin.......... >.>

Ohhh only for you Heechul.....
So is he? Last June they had dinner like this
And now this....hmmmmmmm

J.Y. Park throws Heechul a surprise birthday party

Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Heechul!
On July 9th, Heechul tweeted, “It’s Kim Heechul’s birthday, the megastar of outer space. Pikachukachukachu~ I first want to thank my parents, and also give thanks to all those who have shown me love. I will become a better Kim Heechul! But even while saying this I’m stuck at home. Just once, I wish I could celebrate my birthday with a girlfriend ㅠㅠ”.
A few hours later, he updated his fans with the tweet, “I was at home when Jin Young hyung called me out for a surprise birthday party ㅠㅠ as expected, it’s JYP~!! Park Jin Young, Chun Jung Myung, Sangchu, Heenim!! I’m in a good mood (even though it’s just us four guys). Chocoball (Heechul’s group of close celebrity friends) is currently out of the country so we’ll have a party next week. And everyday is a party for Super Junior!
He added, “Yeon Bul Sae!! Jin Young hyung formed this group since we’re all lonely. But it’s funny how we’re all blood-type AB celebrities ㅡㅡ. I’m most definitely the president of Chocoball!
He also tweeted the below photo saying, “It was supposed to be a funny picture, but I can’t even recognize myself. But it’s okay since I know I’m good-looking!! Thank you~“.
Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu also tweeted, “Birthday man! hiphop style lol“.
Fans left comments such as, “Happy Birthday oppa!“, “Don’t drink too much!”, and “JYP? What about Sohee?
It’s nice to see Heechul celebrating his birthday with close friends and his fans!
Source + Photos: Heechul’s Twitter

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