Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to beat the heat! Block B & B1A4 share tips on surviving the summer heat

Hot where you are? It has not been too bad yet where I live, in fact, it's suppose to get kinda chilly tonight here, in the 50's! I might try a few of these when it gets really hot though.

Block B & B1A4 share tips on surviving the summer heat

On July 8th, Block B and B1A4 guested on MTV’s ‘The Show‘ and were briefly interviewed on their summer survival tips.
The two groups are currently co-starring in their own reality program, ‘Match Up‘, and are known for their contrasting personalities. B1A4 gave some four-dimensional responses like telling fans to shower in hot water, to which Block B’s P.O. retorted, “You have to shower with cold water!”
Sandeul also suggested finding a cold wall to lay against while Baro and Gongchan suggested cold food items like watermelon and shaved ice.
Kyung brought out the envy of fans by saying, “The best way to survive the heat is to go to the beach and play with the nunas.”
Check it out below!

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Which is your favorite way to beat the heat?
Enjoy! ^.^

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