Saturday, July 16, 2011

[SHINee Taipei] SHINee's 1st concert Taipei - Soooo proud of them! Lady TaeTae and JongKey!

Totally Lady TaeTae
Better watch out Lady HeeHee ^.~
Okay okay so there was more to Taipei besides Taemin kekekeke
Like.....Minho for instance!!!! Oh My Gosh!!!
Oh and Jonghyun!!!!

You want some JongKey? Who doesn't want some JongKey!!!!!
 My ever so precious Key!
 Taemin so beautiful
 And of course....Onew
Oh JongKey, You and Taemin made my day!!!!
A few fancams - warning - screaming fans


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My first kiss Key solo with Lady TaeTae

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Oh this is the best!!!! Another 1st kiss! Aigoooo Taeminnie!

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Fancam credit:LANSONKAI
Looks like they had so much fun! Soooooo proud of them!!!!
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

OMO Omo.....Amigo and Jjong falls!!!! Aishhhh

Okay okay I know 3rd version, but better ones are being posted!!! kekeke
Key solo first kiss(with Taemin)

SHINee World - My Name is Minho!!!

2 more!!!!
Minho Oh My Gosh! and omo this is flawless

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Shot by.YUUYUU
110716 SHINee -1st Concert part News @ Taiwan Taipei Arena

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LAST ONE!!!! I PROMISE! for tonight anyway, this is too good, the boys play at the end, and that maknae is SUCH an instigator!!!! >.<

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MasterToys 少爺的玩具-台灣圭賢後援會


  1. Ok, I loved all of the videos, but my fav was Minhos solo, oh, me oh my, I just love him sooooooooooooo much!!!!!

  2. As cute as Taemin was as a girl, he can't beat Lady HeeHee - I mean Taemin was cute but Hee was more believable and beautiful!