Friday, July 15, 2011

[Infinite Teaser] Infinite teases us with Be Mine "Oh!"

What a hook and what a tease!
Infinite as a rookie group is moving right along, this tease is so good!
I really can't wait! "Oh!"

YouTube credit: woolliment
Inspirits ask that you please view the teaser on YouTube to increase the view count.
Though I have provided the teaser here, if you love Infinite please take the time to view on YouTube!
Fighting my babies! "Oh!"


  1. Ok, is it just me or is this teaser really making me sooooo excited right now. I missed infinite too, can't wait for there comeback stage!!!!!

  2. Right? I can't wait either! BTW Teen Top is suppose to come back the end of July too! Soooooooo exciting!