Friday, July 1, 2011

MuBank Half Year Special! Awesome special stages and BTS of SM Town in Paris!

MuBank Half Year Special! 
Awesome special stages and BTS of SM Town in Paris!
Some old favs and some daebak new specials!
Lets go!!!!

F(x)-Mirror Mirror-Amber!!!  *squeeeeeee!!!*

A Pink & Boyfriend-so cute!!!


2PM - Hands Up - This stage coulda been so bad, but 2PM does it so great Live!

Excuse me while I fangirl for a minute ^.~
Sungjong!!!!! *squeeeeeee!!!*
Omo!!! I so love this performance! Their outfits, perfect! Fierce dance and Scorpion!!!! OMGYes!

Bonus videos!!!
SHINee,f(x),DBSK Cut, BTS

WHAAaaaah!!! I was suppose to be at the New York FlashMob!!!Aishhhhhh >.<
International Kpop Fans

Many thanks to CrazyCarrot170 for all the videos!
Enjoy a lot and Happy 4th to all my USA friends and fans!


  1. Ohhh thanks for posting! That was so cute! I loved fx doing Mirror Mirror, Infinite were so fierce! Love their new haircuts and their outfits were great. Sungjong looks so good with his new hair! Really good performance... TVXQ was really good, as usual, and 2pm's stage was really fun. You can't help but dance to that. I also really enjoyed the overseas stuff.
    :fangirl squeal!:

  2. Funny how Sungjongies haircut doesn't bother me that much, maybe because it looks so much like Taemins? Anyway, hes still got my heart right now ^.^