Saturday, July 9, 2011

[MuCore] Music Core performances from July 9th - Onew and Minho say good bye

Oh I sure will miss my SHINee boys!
Soooo adorkable
Onew said in closing before their departure, “Honestly, I can’t believe it’s the end. If you say it was long, it was long. If you say it was short, it was short. It was fun and I was happy during the hours that we sent together. I will continue to watch the show in the future.”

Minho concluded, “It was an honor to have been an MC for even this short period of time. I’m thankful to Jiyeon and Suzy who MCed with us and to the staff members as well.”
MC cuts

f(x) says good bye 'Hot Summer'
okay okay I LIKE f(x) >.> but I adore Amber!!!

2PM - Hands Up - Once again 2PM manages to turn the stage into a party! I find myself randomly humming this song >.< *does a one shot and shrugs* It's such a fun song!
Boyfriend - Boyfriend - ohhhh! a remix! THIS is what a good group does and Boyfriend does it so good!

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Enjoy! ^.^

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