Sunday, July 3, 2011

[Holiday Hook-Up]Ultimate Hook-Up of the weekend!

Okies friends and fans, Its been really quiet today. The most interesting thing I found today was how did SHINee manage to slip back into Korea with out anyone finding out? Not a single pic or fancam! hmmmm....mysterious ^.~
So for today's Holiday Hook-up I will present you with my most fav subbed variety show site. I have been hooked on K-variety shows because they are so interesting and different and because they make me laugh so MUCH! Also these 2 particular shows guest so many idols and actors, that we can get to know in different lights by watching them interact with all the regulars on these shows.
I especially love Family Outing with Big Bang's Daesung, who I didn't really know well before this show, but its awesome how much fun Korean stuff you can learn just from one show.
Running Man which is still currently airing is another awesome show with awesome guests, but some of the funniest parts are the 'Hide & Seek' portions of the show. Ohhhh those bells!!! I can not hear a 'jingle' bell now without cringing!
So enjoy the rest of your Holiday, relax and laugh a lot!
You do have to join this site to see all the subbed videos, however, its a short,easy and painless process and so worth the high quality downloads or streaming videos! You will not be "disapoint!"
Once you join click the 'download & stream' tab to view a list of all the episodes, just click the number of the episode you want to see!
Enjoy a lot! ^.^
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