Monday, July 4, 2011

I got your new Jongkey right here!

 Updated: 110706
Okay this goes against just about everything moral in me, cause its soooo looks like a stalker pic, which though I have seen a lot, I usually won't publish. I refuse to condone stalkerish stuff.
BUT....aigooooo! Its Jongkey! I just love these 2 guys relationship.....what ever it may be, its obvious they are still very close.
Saranghae Jongkey!
photo cr: taeminism
도와주세요 제발 용서
 Updated: 110706
Okies friends and fans, see this is another reason why I will seldom deal with a stalker pic, according to some reports, this might be Jjong and Taemin gone back to blonde.
Reports are still going back and forth...>.<
Jongkey couple pants? Aigooo!

 Omo I have edited this post so many times now cause there is soooo much new Jongkey! Look closely Key is so saying "yeobo" to Jjong!!!

cr. Keyworld♥Hae
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Enjoy a lot! ^.^

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