Saturday, July 2, 2011

[Holiday Hook-Up] Children of the Night with Infinite! Spend the night with Infinite

Ohhh sometimes Holiday nights can be lonely T_T
But My Music Radar! is gonna help you out and Hook you UP!
Recently my baby pinggers Infinite seem to be every where! But lets take a look back and get to know them a little better through this Variety Show 'Children of the Night'
I actually have watched this several times including once unsubbed and though this 1st part is kinda slow its still cute. Don't give up! Cause by part 2 you will have big smiles!
Note: This is from before Infinite's CEO forbids Sungjong from dancing girl group dances so he presents in all his glory!
Enjoy your 2nd Holiday hook-up!
(ok truthfully I had a different Infinite show set for this post but I'm still waiting for it to be subbed *cries* IF by chance it's subbed before the Holiday week-end is over then I will post it up for you as a bonus Hook-Up)
Part 1

Skill sharing-every Rookie group has to do this and the fun starts here with Sungjongies dance skills! And nuna killing! as he gets his 'S=line' ready!
Just watch kekekeke
Part 2

Okies! Time to get ready for prolly never saw tooth brushing like THIS before! And washing up has never been funnier!
Part 3

Time for a nap but then comes the infernal siren! And a pillow fight! well kinda lol
Part 4

Preview of Epi 2

Many thanks to InfinieSubs for these videos
Okies here is Epi 2 but I will warn you right now, these subs are not the best, though the show only gets funnier if you don't understand at least some basic Korean, you prolly will not be happy. Sorry, my other source for this show seems to have disappeared.
The pillow fight quiz continues.
Part 1

The pillow fight quiz ends and the eating begins!
Part 2

The eating of fan made food continues and judging by 3 moms! Breaking up with dummies!
Part 3

Breaking up with dummies continues.
Part 4

Thanks to iheartcookiesxp12345 for these videos.
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Infinite a little better.

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