Thursday, May 19, 2011

Infinite-Before the dawn- there were tears...

Before the Dawn...there were tears and injuries and sweat and yes, even some smiles.
As a fan, you KNOW your favorite boys work hard, God knows I have harped about this myself enough times, but there is just something about seeing it all up in your face.
I love my baby boys, sometimes too much...I have shed more than one tear over something silly, or let my heart get the best of me, despite knowing better.
Yet somehow, after watching this video, it really doesn't seem silly at all, once you see how many tears THEY have shed so that we can watch them dance and sing for our entertainment, no, it doesn't seem silly at all. Need I say I found myself with tears rolling down my face? And not just for Sungjong, but for ALL my little boys.

Sungjong predebut 2010
Enjoy ^.^

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  1. Ok, I am crying right now. Wow, the poor babies, they work so hard.