Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Junior-M’s fan signing gathers 4,000 fans

Super Junior M is doing great!!!! Yata!!!!

Super Junior-M’s fan signing gathers 4,000 fans

On May 21st, Super Junior-M held a fan signing in Taipei, Taiwan as a special event for the few lucky fans who were chosen for their “Too Perfect” mini-album promotion.
It wasn’t just the invited fans who showed up, however, as over 4,000 managed to come together to show their support.  Representatives of SM Entertainment revealed, “Despite the sweltering hot weather that day, fans still showed up in order to see Super Junior-M.  It was a day where we all felt the popularity of Super Junior-M, who are growing as one of the top groups in China.”
The boys earned much praise for their fluent Mandarin Chinese and conversed actively with their fans throughout the event. They even performed songs from their album like “命運線” and “到了明天.”
The boys are achieving much success with their “Too Perfect” repackaged album, as it’s currently ranked first for the second week in a row on the Taiwanese album sales chart, CCR, as well as on other charts like FIVE MUSIC and 光南.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Love Perfection so much! Henry!!!!!


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  1. I like the video, it's a nice song! It has an very intresting beat. 40,000 fan is a lot of people too, Good for then Fighting super junior Fighting!!!!!! By the way storm that Henry guy is quite cute.