Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BOYFRIEND releases debut MV, 'Boyfriend’

BOYFRIEND reveals debut MV, ‘Boyfriend’

Starship Entertainment has just debuted their newest boy group named “Boyfriend!” The new group just released their debut EP, “Boyfriend” along with the MV for their title track which is also titled ‘Boyfriend.’
The MV is a bit different from their water floor teaser from last week. The MV is rather colorful and fun loving, check it out below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.



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  1. I really like this new group. They are so cute. They can dance really good too. The song is really good too. I liked the video, but I was looking for a water to be in it like the teaser, but there wasn't. I was a little disappointed about that, because the teaser was really cool. I still liked the video though. I am looking forward to seeing this group become huge idols.