Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Interview]Block B - Lets get to know them!

Block B guests on MTV’s “Let Me Show”

On May 20th, Block B guested on MTV Korea’s new interview segment of their music program, “Let Me Show“, and shared stories of their past and cleared up some rumors.
Leader Zico revealed that he had studied abroad in Japan for three years in order to prepare for art school before picking up music as a hobby.  He also cleared up rumors of him being an SM Entertainment trainee for SHINee and revealed that although he did go through the casting and camera testing process, he was not a potential member of SHINee.
Ulzzang member Jaehyo showed off his talents as a casting manager by revealing that he was the one that introduced Junhyung to Cube Entertainment and Lee Joon to J. Tune Camp. Maknae P.O. addressed the hateful replies he’s been receiving for his low voice, which people thought was similar to T.O.P., by pretending to tear up in agony.
Concluding the interview, Block B revealed that they hoped to continue honing their production skills and expand from producing their own music to covering everything from style to choreography in the future as self-producing idols.
Check out the rest of the subbed episode below!

Source: Let Me Show
Really an awesome interview! Funny guys!
Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. I think they are cute and the interview was really funny, Thanks Storm!!!