Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"My Boyfriend" and Rain use the same choreographer?

Am I surprised that "My Boyfriend" and Rain use the same choreographer? Not really.
As I said in my very first Boyfriend post these new babies seem different, and I just have a really good feeling about them. Noppers, not surprised at all when I read today that they are being Produced by “Brave Brothers” and that their choreography is being done by “DQ”.

Boyfriend’s MV reaches 750,000 views on Youtube

by: jbarky on May 31, 2011
The 6 member idol group “Boyfriend” and their music video is gaining a lot of popularity. Boyfriend’s debut album title song is the same name and its music video reached past 750,000 views on Youtube. The group is made up of “K-Will’s Back dancer,” “Younger than IU” Min Woo and the twins Young Min and Kwang Min, Jung Min who is known as “looking similar to Yoo Seung Ho.” The other two members are Dong Hyun and Hyun Seong. The group is known for their cute dance moves and bright smiles.
The group is being produced by “Brave Brothers” and “DQ” is the choreographer who also choreographed for Rain, 4 Minute, and B2ST. The group had their debut performance on M-Net’s “M Countdown” on May 26th. Below is the clip for their music video!

Credit:Starship Entertainment
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. I just think that this group, is so cute and I really like there voices and there dancing. I really enjoy watching this group perform too.

  2. they are too cute to resist<3