Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Released! SHINee's Japanese MV "Replay" And its genius!

Hot on the heels of their 3 year Anniversary, SHINee under EMIMusicJapan releases Replay.
So fast forward 3 years and what happens to Shinee's debut song? Well to put it bluntly, it grows up, as has all the members of this awesomely talented group.
Oh I have been so ready for this song, it was and is, really one of my favorites in their line up. I have been complaining for weeks now about Taemin's new haircut and color, but I must now admit, it fits, quite nicely thank you >.<.
Their voices blend and meld in a mature way and really what was once a little boys song becomes a bit of genius music. I love it! I love SHINee again!

Enjoy on YouTube!


  1. What do u mean, you love Shinee again??? <.<
    Lol... I <3 this vid. It's so uber adorbs and Taemin is all grown up now... gah! He sings first! I'm so happy for them... I'm also happy you finally like Taemin's haircut and color. :)

  2. Ok, so I toally love this new MV. It made me fall in love with them all over again. Taemin look so cute and grown up. I am so in love with the new haircut and color. I love the way Key is a desighner, because that is so him. I just love this song so much. Minho looks hot as alway, those big beautiful eyes just make me want to faint. Owen look very cute too and Jonghyun look cute too. It is good to see him dancing again. Fighting Shinee Fighting!!!!

  3. Well....I was in a bit of a crisis >.< but, I love SHINee and Replay so much!!!! This version is daebak! Or Kawaii if you will ^.^

  4. So...I'm just a lil behind the times here... but this vid is GREAT! SHINee looks fab from start to finish. I was a little surprised to see Taemin leading the song and singing so much, but I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the song still sounds great. Taemin is looking very dudely and quite tasty btw...

  5. Actually from what I have read recently, Originally Taemin sang more of Replay, but by the time they were ready to debut, his voice was changing and he really couldn't sing, and so started the fake mic days. They just gave him back what was once his to begin with.
    @RR Taemin is quite tasty these days...still underage till July 18th ^.~