Saturday, May 14, 2011

Was Infinite's Sungjong getting too much attention? Can you smile? Please smile Sungjong!

Was Infinite's Sungjong getting too much attention?
I really can't think of another reason why their management (Woolliment) would choose to make him over and push him into the back ground. Its been very tough for me seeing him trying so hard and smiling so big to get any little bit of attention. I have questioned their decisions for months now. I understand that each member deserves their one shots and high lights,really I do. And there is no doubt in my mind that as a whole Infinite is a very talented group, as they have proved time and again, in fact taking over the rookie race from Teen Top who seem to have stepped off the face of the earth. I just wish they would let Sungjong shine a little more. He is so cute and I will say here and now, his little quiet voice though reserved, deserves to be heard. His voice suits him, its part of him, and the group as a whole! Just part of what makes him so special to me.
'Can you smile' their acoustic comeback is a lovely song and suits Sungjong perfectly, while highlighting all the other members as well. I am glad they gave him a part this time, how ever small, lets hope this is Sungjong's comeback as well.


Enjoy ^.^


  1. I agree! He got a part? I must've missed it. Poor pookie...

  2. It's small. around the :25 mark and a one shot at mark :55. Poor baby....

  3. Well, I think that your talking about and I agree.

  4. hey, give me back sungjong! i want him back with his innocent smile and confidence in himself!

  5. Sungjong♥ he's my favorite, and yeah i agree^^, he's so cute especially in can u smile. In can u smile, he reminds me of Light from death note. Saranghae

  6. Totally agree with you...Sungjong has been through a lot and he worked really hard everyday. I can see that he tried to do his best at everything :]