Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I got your new 2Min right here!

Oh I admit, with Taemin looking so manly these days I was a little nervous, but, I guess I should have had more faith in my boys than that, cause I got your brand new 2Min right here!!! And as expected its so wonderful to see these two together.
In this first clip, Taemin is onstage before the Walking Festival checking out all the SHINee banners when Minho comes up from behind and takes Taemin on his shoulders, Taemin does not even skip a beat and looks so cute as he caresses Minhos face.
Kawaii ^.^


In this next vid, TVXQ's Yunho calls Taemin over and puts his arm around Taemin's shoulder, Minho shows right up, grabs Taemin's hand and gets right in between Taemin and Changmin, Jelly much Minho? Kekekekekekke


Enjoy! ^.^


  1. 2min!!!! Gahhhh!!!
    :head explodes:
    I <3 them so...

  2. OMG OMG Teamin amd Minho are just great. The first video was cute, but the second one was the best. I am saving that to my favs on YT right now. Minho is so cute when he is jealous,lol. I wish he was being jealous over me though,lol.