Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apeace-A new 21 member idol group getting ready to debut.

Apeace-A new 21 member idol group getting ready to debut.
I can't even, the logistics of this is mind boggling.
Actually I have known about Apeace for a while, I just couldn'
Needless to say the netizens are having a field day with all of this....

A-Peace releases ‘dance sketch’ version of “Lover Boy” MV

Earlier this month, 21-member boy band A-Peace (formerly known as Double B/21) released their official music video for “Lover Boy.
While the first music video featured various scenes of the members in their units or individually, this new “Dance Sketch” version released by Golden Goose today features all 21 members on one screen showing off their choreography.
As reported previously, the boys are set to embark on their music careers through Japan’s “K-Theater” before making an official debut in Korea.
Check it out below!

21-member A-Peace unveils “Lover Boy” MV!
by VITALWARNING on May 13, 2011 at 9:27 am
After teasing their new fans with two MV teasers of their debut track “Lover Boy” at the beginning of April, the 21-membered boyband A-Peace (formerly known as Double B/21) has finally released their official MV!
It was reported by Golden Goose Entertainment that the 21 members will be promoting as three different sub-units of seven members each, rather than the whole 21 members standing on stage. The group are set to embark on their music careers through Japan’s “K-Theater” before making their official debut in Korea.
Check out their MV below!

Need more? Okies here ya goooooo!


Golden Goose Entertainment.....what where you thinking?
Enjoy? >.<.


  1. All I can say is that is a lot of member. I mean I can't remember all the names of all the other idol groups I like and they have like 5 or 6 members. i mean come on 21 members, what an I going to do,lol. They do have nice voice it seem and they can dance. So I guess I will have to keep an eye on them.

  2. sorry if i give a negative comment towards this group, i've no intention to look down upon them but isn't 21 too large.. i mean after i saw what suju have been through after 6 years stay together, from their experience to share their income was too hard even hang geng ex-member of suju state that the income is one of the factor why he chosen to leave (he paid in remibi). besides even a stage enough for them how about the mike? i can't imagine and after i watch the mv i realize one thing even the music is so catchy but it wasn't strong enough to make them recognize as a good singer 21 sing together, if suju got less then 10 second per person (except the main singer)line in a song how much that they get? sing together this is not a choir.this is not a comparison between this 2 group but u can judge from suju experience..i don't want one day the member of this band will reduce from time to time...

  3. Anon, all comments are welcome, I must admit I share some of your thoughts. I too wonder how this will work out. Golden Goose has stated that they will seldom perform as 21 and will be set as 3 sub-groups of 7 each. Lets hope this will take care of some of the problems that fans worry about.