Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boy Friend - They got what I need? New boys set to debut this week. Check it!

My Music Radar! always endeavors to bring you the best of the best and I just have a feeling about this new group. Unlike some others to debut this year 'Boy Friend' seems smooth, well rehearsed, well dressed and sophisticated. Apparently they know what I want and know what I need AND according to this teaser they "got what I need"  We shall see!

Credit:Starship TV
Starship Entertainment is set to debut a new boy group named “Boyfriend” on May 26th. The group consists of 6 members with an average member age of 18. The 6 members include Dong Hyun, Young Min, Kwang Min, Minwoo, Hyun Seong, and Jeong Min.
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Wah!

    Looking forward to THIS.

    Terri :_}

  2. Ok, they all can be my boyfriend. They definatly got what i need. They are cute,they can sing and they can dance. Can what to see there debut.