Monday, May 16, 2011

SHINee's Key threatens Jonghyun! Don't come back to our dorm!

Jonghyun flew back from Japan today to start recording Immortal Song 2 and has been quoted as saying "“Member Key threatened me not to come back to our dorm if I don’t win.”
I gotta say that made my day, I laughed so hard when reading this for ever so many reasons.
First, its just so damn good to see Jjong back and operating on all engines. Their performance of Lucifer this weekend blew me away. Not an easy thing to do since I am probable as sick of it as they are, I dunno, maybe it was just seeing them all together again, maybe there is a renewed energy since they are all together again, hell maybe its even all the new bad hairstyles, doesnt really matter, I just remember getting to the end of the video and cheering and thinking DAMN! that was awesome!
Second, I can just soooooo hear Key saying that to Jonghyun, while fixing his top and rolling his eyes and I bet he even thew in a neck roll for good measure Either way, Key told him in no uncertain terms.....He better win, and when Diva Key speaks...Jonghyun listens ^.^
There is a multitude of idols scheduled to appear along with Jonghyun including Super Junior's Yesung, 2AM's Changmin, Sista's Hyorin, Beast's Yoseop, and IU.
Its due to air in early June.
Stay tuned for new updates!
Lucifer from Japan this weekend Tokyo Legend 2011
Omo Jjong.....that long note is back and better than ever!!!!

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!
SHINee is back!!!!
Update 110516

Check out this awesome video of Jjong a lot of which even 'I' have never seen!


  1. Lollllllllll! Omo that was funny... I could sooo see Key doing that too. Of course he had to be fixing his top and rolling his eyes and, yes, probably doing a neck roll too. Thanks for making me laugh out loud...
    Can we Shinee fangirl now?? :)

  2. Ok, I just so love this, it was so cute and funny. Key is just the best ever. I am also so happy to see Shinee all together again.

  3. Fan Girl mode: ON
    Meet you on AIM ^.^