Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hoya and Dongwoo to perform as subunit ‘INFINITE H’ for ‘That Summer’ concert

INFINITE has prepared a special surprise for fans!
For the group’s ‘That Summer‘ concert coming up on the 8th, the group’s rappers Hoya and Dongwoo will reveal a new song under the subunit ‘INFINITE H‘. The subunit has already received much love from fans for their performances of “Crying” and “You Look Good” during INFINITE’s concert this past March.
A Woolim Entertainment representative stated, “Although plans of official activities for INFINITE H are not set in stone, they abruptly began preparing for a special performance to show their thanks to fans who have showed [their unit] love. During the concert, they plan to perform the new song created by the talented producers Primary and Zion.T.
The upcoming ‘That Summer’ concert will seat 10,000 audience members total and include five concert dates. The event will not take place in large venues, but rather in smaller areas where the members can interact easily with fans. Through this novel concert concept, INFINITE will showcase their signature ‘precise choreography’ as well as newly arranged ‘unplugged’ versions of their songs.
Because their concert tickets completely sold out a minute after ticket sales began, the boy group has recently earned the nickname ‘Wan-Pan Dols’ (completely-sold-out-dols), and plan to solidify their spots as performance-focused artists through this concert.
Source: bnt News via Daum

Can't wait to see fancams!!!

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