Sunday, August 26, 2012

SHINee Sunday SPAM! 120826 - SWC 110101 BTS - 1st Solo Concert Korea Subbed

Oh indeed Junghyun-ah, very meaningful, for we Shawols watched SHINee grown from 'Reply' till this concert, the 1st. And we can see how much more SHINee has grown till now as we wait for the release of 'Dazzling Girl'
We all know how hard SHINee works, we call them professional...but there is just something about see it all up in your face, the heart and soul...ahhh this behind the scenes, you all know I am a die hard Shawol, no SHINee didn't bring me into Kpop, that was Rain and 2PM, can you believe it? lol Anyway it really was and is SHINee that holds my heart. Yes I was weeping like a fool by the end, so get a snack and a drink, and tissues if you're a sap like me and enjoy the hell outta these videos.
[Eng] Making Film of SWC Seoul Part 1/4

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Subbed by me[](Please note that it may not be 100% accurate) 
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CR for orig.vid: misterfanguy
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Okies just discovered the rest of the videos can't be embedded, but here are the links:

Many thanks to for subbing and uploading. And to misterfanguy for the original video.

"1 2 3 We are going! Ultra SHINee Transformation!!!!"

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