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KBS Olympic Festival - SHINee - Sherlock 120814 - Pics & Vids - EXO K Vid - PLUS Jonghyun's Tweets

Oh what a mess, my poor babies, 1st they were suppose to perform last, so the MC's announce B2ST, thankfully one of the MC's corrected that when they heard Sherlock music start. Though not fully prepared, they performed like the professionals they are, despite the pouring rain! The backup dancer tweeted that it was even hard just to stand! T_T
  • regarding KBS2 Olympics special "Citizen's Festival", KBS mentioned on twitter (couple of hours before SHINee's appearance) that Beast will be performing BEFORE SHINee. however, during the live broadcast just now, the lady MC introduced Beast but the music that came on was Sherlock and the male MC hurriedly said "SHINee's Sherlock" in the midst of Sherlock's intro music. Then later, one of SHINee's dancers tweeted that they were actually the ending act but it suddenly got changed (to become the 2nd last). And it was raining today so the floor was wet and slippery. good thing the boys didnt fall. The same dancer tweeted that the floor was so slippery "your legs would rift apart even when you're just standing so how is it possible to dance?!"

SHINee - Sherlock 2012 @ National Festival 120814

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In this video you can hear the MC mistakenly announce B2ST.

[국민대축제120814] SHINee - Sherlock•셜록 (Clue+Note)

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Then Jonghyun tweets about meeting one of the athletes for a picture.
And his height issues, poor baby....
Jonghyun twitter update on 120814

After our stage perf ended, Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player approached wanting to take a picture together. Because i was so astounded, my following words were stuttered, and i couldn’t take the picture with my phone… Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player, send me the picture tooㅠㅠ… The reason that i was so shocked is..


 *drip drip* My tears are flowing *drip drip and drip drip* Friendly Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player bent her knees *drip drip*

Representative National Player Teams, you all have worked hard~^^ You’ve made us proud!! Clap clap clap!! To all the audience that came to enjoy the performance, because it rained ㅠㅠ you all suffered heh Be careful so that you wouldnt catch the cold!!
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Translation credit: Venessa Chun


UPdate: EXO K Video

[국민대축제120814] EXOK - MAMA

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Best Friends ^^

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