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SHINee to release 'Dazzling Girl' & SHINee Japan SPAM-A-PIC 120816 Video

SHINee has just announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new Japanese single, ‘Dazzling Girl‘, later this year!
The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’.
‘Dazzling Girl’ is set for a October 10th JST release. In the meantime, check out what comes with each edition below.
Limited Edition A
- 1 of 6 random trading cards
- Set of 11 photo booklet cards
Track Lists:
CD -
01. Dazzling Girl
02. Run With Me
01. Dazzling Girl Music Video
02. Dazzling Girl Jacket & MV Shooting Sketch
Limited Edition B
- 6 sheets of photo shoot photo cards
- 3-part digipack format
- 1 of 6 random trading cards
- “Bodyguard” from SHINee’s ‘The First Japan Arena Tour – SHINee World 2012′ released for the first time in a live Japanese studio version
Track List:
CD -
01. Dazzling Girl
02. Run With Me
03. Bodyguard (Bonus Track)
Regular Edition
- 1 of 6 random trading cards
Track List:
CD -
01. Dazzling Girl
02. Run With Me
03. Dazzling Girl (Instrumental)
04. Run With Me (Instrumental)
Source: SHINee Japan
Source:allkpop & SHINee Japan

Meanwhile...SHINee made a quick trip to Japan for MEZAMASHI JP EVENT.
Everyone stay calm.....there has been a Minho sighting!!!!!!!! 

Notice who's there????
Some Fanaccounts:
#1 [TRANS] MEZAMASHI JP EVENT : During the talk, Jonghyun pointed at Minho and said "Can the people at the back hear me? Can you see this person right here? *points at Minho*". Minho then did a cute pose and said "Me?" TTTTTTTTTT so cute!!!! (chi src :whoischrisma)

 #2 [TRANS] MEZAMASHI JP EVENT : When it was Minho's part, the entire scene (of fans) screamed really loudly TTTTTTTTTT Minho smiled and looked at everyone as he sang. A lot of fans cried uncontrollably. Some fans even shouted "Minho, all the best for the drama!" (chi src :whoischrisma)

#3 [TRANS] MEZAMASHI JP EVENT : In all, Minho did not talk much today, but he seems to be quite energized today - he kept smiling and occasionally joined in the other (members) to fool around. Also, he did aegyo at least twice when the camera turned to focus at him. He even jumped (up high) to wave to the fans right at the back. During "Start", he gave a powerful "ST~~~ART~~~" (chi src :whoischrisma)

Taemin : I rode on the 'One Piece' (Pirate) Ship last year, so where has the boat gone to? (S/N : Not there anymore this year)
Key : Where is Sunny? There is a dung behind XDDD
(chi src : OnTaem_YYYYYan)

Credit to fan and translator

[120817] MZ LIVE SHINee

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Airport pics going to Japan

And back to Korea
 2MIN ^^
 Minho ^^


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