Thursday, August 2, 2012

M! Countdown 120802 - BoA - Super Junior - B.A.P -

As you all know, Stormy really doesn't do girl groups...all that cute just,
fries my poor old gothic brain cells >.>
I must admit though, and mostly thanks to stormoftara who IS into girl groups,
and who, kinda forced me to listen to some BoA, I like her.
After seeing her live at SMTown Live NYC last year, I was like WOW! BoA rocks!
I started watching her promotions of 'Only One' cause of Taemin, but BoA caught my attention! Ya know what? She really DOES rock!
okay okay so this week I'm watching for Hyukjae...
still, this girl is the total if only I had time to take on a new idol ^.~
[엠카120802] BoA - Only One+SJ(銀赫)

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[Full HD] Super Junior - Mr. Simple + Sexy, Free & Single + SPY Teaser

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Winners Stage
[엠카120802] BEAST - 이 주의 MCD 1위

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