Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SHINee DMZ Peace Concert 120815

[FullHD] 120815 SHINee - Sherlock (Clue+Note)

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Rehearsal Pics and video
 Jongtae inspect Key's fashion tattoo

I can't even with this video.....Only Taemin......>.<
120814 taem and his socks

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리허설도중 홀연히 양말을 휙~ 벗어버리는 탬
그리곤 스템형아님께 선물을 스으윽~

 Okies, just a little rant here cause people seem to be a little confussed, SHINee did 2 shows the last 2 days, The Olympic Show is where they got drenched and in Korean time, that was yesterday. See that video here.

TODAY in Korea as in the 15th, they did the DMZ Peace Concert and it was not raining when they did this performance.

For the 5141984913216 time today...*big sigh* MINHO is not there!!! Nor is he sick (before silly rumors start) he is still filming his drama, that is a backup dancer filling in for him.

Got it straight now??? I know the whole different time zone, different country thing is tough to understand, but silly statements from uninformed fans.....this is where silly rumors and misunderstanding start. 
Okies? /rant



  1. OH lord... are people actually saying that? Don't they know Minho is filming his drama? It's only been mentioned... ohh I don't know... EVERYWHERE!

  2. Oh you wouldn't believe some of the stoopid stuff I have seen on Youtube and different forums, Youtube is the worst though.
    IKR? How can you possibly be a SHINee fan and not know about Minho's drama???? Boggles my mind! And then to make REALLY uninformed comments????
    I tried to correct a few on Youtube but....its like they don't wanna know the truth? >.>