Sunday, August 5, 2012

SMTown Live Tokyo 120804/5 - SPAM-A-CAM - SPAM-A-PIC

Okies friends and fans, Japan is notoriously tough about pic and video restrictions, so anything we get is a major bonus! Here's what I found for today.
From yesterday, Minho didn't attend due to his busy drama filming so in this 'Love Like Oxygen' fancam EXO's Sehun fills in, and brings a sense of deja vu to Taemin ^^

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Why is Taemin smiling?
Cause he's done the same thing  >.<
Credit where due

Luhan stepped up to help SHINee out with 'Lucifer'
[FANCAM] 120804 SMTown Tokyo 2012 SHINee 샤이니 Lucifer with EXO Luhan

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Ahhh my Supermen..Saranghae!!!!! T_T
120804 SMTown Tokyo 2012 Super Junior Superman Opening

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One of my fav stages!
120804 SMTown Tokyo 2012 TTS with EXO-DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

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Genie!!!! - My wish? to see SMTown again!!!!
[FANCAM] 120804 SMTown Tokyo 2012 SNSD 少女时代 Genie

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Oh how I love this!!! Taemin and Hyukjae doing the 'Couple Dance' from BoA's 'Only One' that they have both danced! So freakin cute! I can't even >.<

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Okies a few pics now, all from today I believe.
I'm so glad I got to see SMTown Live once in my life, it was a feeling I will never forget!

Thats all for now friends and fans
Enjoy a lot!

Everything here is credit as tagged and or where due.
NOTHING is mine.

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