Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teen Top poses for 'Elle Girl' 120516

Boy group TEEN TOP recently revealed a few cuts from a photo shoot they participated in for the September edition of ‘Elle Girl‘ magazine, emphasizing their charisma as opposed to their adorable boyish looks.
The boys tried a more ‘chic’ look with smoky-eye makeup and black outfits, and member Niel especially grabbed the attention of fans with his leather leggings that showcased his long, slender legs.
TEEN TOP who are in the middle of their ‘Be Ma Girl‘ promotions were asked if they were confident when it comes to asking girls out, as their song suggests. Niel commented, “Off-stage, I have a shy personality so I don’t think I’d actually be able to do that“.
Fellow member Changjo later talked about his hobbies saying, “Lately, we’ve been really into skateboarding,” while rapper L.Joe showcased his determination as a musician as he revealed, “This year, my goal is to have one of my own songs added to one of our albums”.
The boys also explained that in 10 years, they want to be like their senior group Shinhwa, who are known for sticking together for 14 years. Like Shinhwa, the boys want to  alternate between group and individual activities and promotions for many years to come.
The rest of the interview will be featured in the September edition of ‘Elle Girl’!
 Source: allkpop & the Star

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