Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun! or Kpop is good for Everything or Sherlock tumblr tag 2.0

[Random] a K-Shawol snap a photo today at a music store, and found out 'Korn' CD is placed on 20+ music area XD

See???? Kpop is good for everything/everyone! When I first heard rumors of Taemin singing a KoRn song I was all..."in what universe does THIS make sense?" o.O Everyone was searching and guessing which song it would be. Well it sure didn't take Shawols long....'Get Up' then the wait for videos started.... Remember what happened on the tumblr Sherlock tag? Shawols had the Sherlockians anywhere from WTF to When did Sherlock become Asian? O.o Now its surely KoRn's turn to be all "Wait who? Shiny who?" Of course there is the required 'Taemin brought me here' comment getting thumbed up. In the end Kpop is good for everyone, as I'm sure the downloads and purchases will increase. 
Cause no matter what or who the idols of Hallyu can only get better 

KoRn - Get Up (Featuring Skrillex)
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What I love so much about Taemin this year is.... his ability to keep us on our toes while keeping us amazed at a never ending array of talent and skills.
Rock on Taemin! This brought together two of my longtime loves Heavy Metal...and Kpop Still looking through the starz for that universe.

 [FANCAM] 120425 Taemin's Solo 'Get Up!' (Korn) | SNW Ar3na Tour Fukuoka
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credits: Taempo

Another fun My Music Radar! Commentary!

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