Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Exclusive SOOMPI] Block B Interview from February

This made my day today!
Block B in happier days...
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[Exclusive] Block B Talks about Dreadlocks, Big Bang's TOP, Nicknames, and More!

Uploaded by on Apr 5, 2012
Back in February, Soompi had the chance to interview Block B prior to their controversial interview in Thailand. Due to circumstances, we had to push back the release of our video, but BBCs around the world rejoice! We have decided to treat our fans to the long-awaited interview.

Just like their music, the boys were upbeat, energetic, and fun. They gladly gave us a couple minutes of their time to chat after hours of rehearsals.

Ahhhh I have missed the antics of Block B so much!
I hope all the boys are doing well.
They have started tweeting again.
Maybe this is good news? 
Enjoy a lot!

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  1. AWww I miss them! They're so cute and fun. :(