Friday, April 13, 2012

Calling all Shawols! SHINee Friends and Fans! Vote on MNET for Sherlock now! Easy Instructions! With Pictures!

Okies Shawols NO time to rest!
As I post this SHINee is in 3RD place!!!!
Even EXO K is in 2nd place!
A CRY FOR HELP has gone out to International Fans!
Will YOU accept???
Let me make it easy for you with Pictures and arrows!
Click the HUGE Link!

There? Good! Now sign in using Facebook or Twitter.
Or make an account!
Now click the English Button if you need to. Note I have converted the time to EST USA
 Now Scroll down and click the #38 to vote for SHINee
Now scroll all the way down to big vote button.

Please vote today Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 8PM EST USA.
Please lets get SHINee to #1!
This is one of the few ways we International fans can really help!

If today was any indication on how much SHINee wants to win,
I can only imagine the joy we will see next time they win!
Please feel free to join us here on My Music Radar! chat if you are awake
And fan with us as we watch the live stream!
Strength in numbers Shawols!
Thank You so much!

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