Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Infinite Sungjong's Solo at Second Invasion Evolution 120401 - My Music Radar! Commentary

"I need a moment here......
Oh Sungjong, I have adored you for so long now,
How could you make me love you more?"

He did....
This performance had me personally in tears because its just so...Sungjong
After watching several fancams, I was at first squeeeeeeeee'ing
but, after watching several times, its the fans different reactions that got me to thinking.
You can hear some laughing, as they do for Chulie as Lady HeeHee.
Or ANY performance done by The Wonderboys.
However, and this is just my opinion...I don't think Sungjong meant this to be funny.
Sure there are lots of fan screams, but, there is an almost awkward moment of silence,
like the audience was deciding....funny? Or serious?
No matter he continues to strut and slink across the stage. Totally werkin it!
When Sunjong is lifted by the backup dancers including hands stroking his lithe body,

everyone seems to get it, and get WITH it and the fan screams resume.
The song finishes with a bang and a pose.
Now for some fancams.

- Sung Jong Solo (성인식)

Uploaded by on Apr 2, 2012
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120401 (Fancam) 성종 solo

Uploaded by on Apr 1, 2012
cr: daum

My only complaint with this whole thing is his hair, yes his hair.
At first I was like oh! cute! Kinda looks like a french twisty quaff,
but the more I looked at it the more it reminded me of a drag-queen  show after the wig comes off. I'm willing to bet that's not the look Sungjong was hoping for.

Other than that this was pretty much golden, the dress? Perfect. Very Andrej Pejic-ish.
I dare say if  Sungjong was a little taller he could step right into this profession.
His ability to channel his femininity is epic, and like Heechul, he does posses a certain femininity. (Unlike Key who though he is effeminate,  I have come to think of as straight gay....wait....what? Oh you know what I mean)
Sungjong has been cross-dressing since before he was an idol so don't even go there.
Okies? Good!
He obviously enjoys himself here, and certainly no one is forcing him to do this.
Hell the CEO of Woolliment even forbade him to do girl group dances at one time.
I'm so glad they have let him express himself more recently,
A diva in the making....hmmmm...with this performance?
I'd say he's pretty much there.

This IS my post and DOES represent my opinion
Founder - My Music Radar!

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