Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SHINee Show! Champion 120403 - Good Bye long hair....

Well that was a short run.....*brb sobbing*
Okay okay I KNOW it was the worst weave ever....I still loved it.
I will miss it...and all you haters of Taemin's long hair?
Yah! You know what you can do! ^.~
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Yes I'm still sobbing...actually I heard rumor of the 'gone weave' 
a few days ago, I was just hoping it wasn't true.....
Oh btw....they won again ^^
Trophy from 2nd win
Bonus Video: Cute 2min from last weeks Show! Champion
l2O4O3 SHINee backstage cut - funny Taemin @Sh0w Champ!0n

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