Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SHINee in Fukuoka Japan 120425 First Pics and Fan Accounts are in! SPAM-A-PIC!

Prepare yourselves Shawols!
Things have changed and how they have changed!
Taemin and heavy metal??? Screamin expletives?
(be still my old goth heart)
Key and more veiled declarations?  Maybe....
Cue the SPAM!!!!


 Taemin is tied up???? Omo I can't even.....*dead*
Fan Accounts

(120425) SHINee solo fanaccount : minho solo in all black suits, jinki is singig ballad, Kibum also singing wearing PINK, Jonghyun solo Driver's High. Taemin dancing, and not quite singing. After that Aherlok japanesw ver.
Fr:DC trans:ilovetaemin_
[TRANS] 120425 Fukuoka Concert our Minho's whisper made noonas hearts sherlock sherlockㅜㅜ Your the best♥ RT 120425 후쿠오카콘서트 우리민호속살에누나가슴이 셜록셜록ㅜㅜ 니가최고♥
[TAEMIN SOLO 120425] Fanaccount (2) while performig Taemin seemingly scream 'SHUT THE F*CK UP!' yes he did (need yo [beep -] that part) But it really is a very heavy metal style!! Fr:DC trans: ilovetaemin_ · 
(120425) VCR: Jinki dress as an angel. And there are a long haired woman is using her lipstick appear to be Taemin!!!!*
*Note:VCR = the videos they show on big screens during  concert breaks

If you are taking ANYTHING....please be kind and properly credit!

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