Friday, April 13, 2012

MuBank 120413 - SHINee WINS!!!!! EXO K Debuts - NU'EST - UPDATE SHINee in 1080


And there's your Jongkey! There was a hug too ^^
This was such an epic and entertaining win for SHINee!
Backstage with CNBlue there was some play fighting...
and something about Jjong doing pushups if SHINee won...
[HD] 120413 CNBLUE & SHINee - Waiting Room

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AND they received their trophy for last weeks win...
(oh my heart...a possible triple crown?)
[ FULL HD ] 120413 SHINee - Last Week's Winner

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Then the actual performance ^^
120413 SHINee - Sherlock (Clue+Note)

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And of course the winners stage where Jjong actually DID the push ups!
Minho thanks Shawols!
Don't miss all the interactions....must watch several times!
Minho signals EXO K to stay and celebrate with them ^^
1080 and full screen this!
[HD] 120413 Music Bank Today's Winner SHINee

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Speaking of Kai....
EXO K performed live today!
120413 EXO-K - History : Debut Stage 1/2

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120413 EXO-K - MAMA : Debut Stage 2/2

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Good job babies....I know this was a tough stage for them ^^
SME Artists perform really demanding stages with awesome dancing and live singing.

Don't forget my NU'EST babies
pun intended ^.~
NU'EST - Face

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Enjoy fast babies!
Never know when all this awesomeness will disappear!

Jonghyun and Bacon aka Baek Hyun

[HD] 120413 Music Bank (KBS) | SHINee - Sherlock (Clue + Note) + No.1

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Thanks to Diba for finding the 1080 video
Kamsahamnida chingu! ^^

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  1. Oh I just love Shinee... Not afraid to be so damned silly/retarded onstage. Too funny. As for Exo... Ouch. That just sounded bad all around. Oof! I feel awful for them.