Sunday, April 1, 2012

SHINee Sunday SPAM! 120401

I get so SHINee things.....^.~
Pretty much everything and anything I kinda couldn't fit into another post.
Lets start off with this 'Voice of Korea' video,
where during this battle, the contestants perform SHINee's 'Replay'!
박태영vs임병석 - 누난너무예뻐(Replay) _ the Voice of Korea

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What could be better?
How about Heechul chair dancing to Sherlock!!!
120330 Hee DJ dancing on SHINee's sherlock @ SDC.avi

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Well done Chul! ^^
Speaking of is a bunch of random videos.
Hungry Taemin...he eats so cutely!...and eats...and eats...and eats!
120331 - 우리태민이 냠냠^^*

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Taemin the dance machine....been playing this one for hours

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an angel living for dancing
More Taemin dancing and looking fabulous ^^
섹시한 이마보여주는 태민이^^*

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120331 messy haired Taemin '$tranger' fancam @Hallyu Star Concert

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credit as tagged
120331 바람의남신

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AND a few pictures....
Jongkey....Never gonna let them go ^.~

I think I'm done lol!

Just about everything here is from MrDinglePopples or Mia/mhn7700 or both!
Thanks bb's! What would I do without you?
NOT done >.<
 Shawols are just....the best ever! JongKey fanart!

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