Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to My Music Radar!

My Music Radar!
Enjoy updates on some of my favorite Asian Music groups.

And music in general.

Music is what feelings sound like~Anonymous

Hello and Welcome to the new My Music Radar! Blog Spot. My old page on FB was getting too restrictive and I was wanting more space to share more info so, here we go!!!! This will not be a fan site or be dedicated to any one group or genre of music in particular, more it will be about current music, from everywhere and anywhere.
You can also expect occasional comments and reviews from some of my fav Kdramas, Jdramas and funny posts from The World of Random.
Feel free to leave your comments and join in the fun! Enjoy! ^.^

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As always I welcome your comments! Even Anon's! ^.~
Just about all of MMR! stills and pics can be "clicked" to view original size, just don't forget to use your back button to return to My Music Radar!
Enjoy your stay!
Kamsahamnida "Please look after me"

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