Friday, December 31, 2010

Its already 2011 in Korea......My Music Radar's! last Music review for 2010

I'm exhausted...I can only imagine just how tired some of these performers are...3 BIG Shows in as many days. I'm betting Shinee never wants to sing Lucifer again, little chance of that considering they have 2 more concerts to as many days......>.<. MBC's Gayo Daejun year end show is still in progress at the time of this posting, I will update as needed. Never mind, took so long to review and is over now. LOL! They saved the best for last! So scroll all the way down ^.^ Opening...cute only to see performers yawning, rubbing eyes and resting their heads on members shoulders......yaaaaahhhh, everyone is exhausted lol!

Narsha, including this performance because its a pretty good cover of Alanis Morissette's You Ought to know...even the Korean Sensors must be tired, I can't believe they allowed this song considering some of the lyrics.

Credit: CrazyCarrot270

Shinee's Lucifer, what can I say? Its Lucifer....nice gothic stage..Jonghyun has his throne back, everyone looks good but a little tired. Fighting Shinee!


Lovely and calm showing of Hello, now I KNOW how tired everyone is....Sitting in JongKey Onew 2Min formation, and Onew didnt even bother to change that. Maybe they need the comfort of their couples lol. Fighting my babies...Saranghae!


Battle of the bands....being included for 2 reasons, 1st Onew sings and he rocks! 2nd, these are REAL bands....enough said.


It's 2PM and they are rockin the HOUSE! great costumes! Omo Taec, Nichk and Chansung! So many abs........^.~ Without You and I'll be back...and yes I will with performances like this one! Yaaaaahhhhh.


Super Junior! Awww they did Sorry Sorry (now those of you who chat with me, will know where I get my *sorry sorry hands* from >.<)and of course my other fav Bounce.

Another Special stage...Taemin is great! And I WANT Krystal's highheel sneekers!
Taemin – ID: Peace B
Krystal – No.1
Luna – Atlantis Princess
Yoona – My Name


AND......the Closing and countdown to the New Year! I hope you have enjoyed! It was a great show. I hope all the performers get some much needed sleep! Fighting!


I need a nap......

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